Scrap Metal at Hallett Review Office

Having now moved into the new office and finally have got everything set up, we now have to deal with all of the mess, rubbish and scrap that we have left behind. Since setting the office up we have accumulated a large amount of scrap, including plaster, general waste, office materials and various types of metals including copper, aluminum, iron and steel. With the general waste we will just have to go to the tip and get rid of it all; however as for the metal, we have discovered that it is worth a fair amount of money.

Scrap Metal

One of our intellectual employees found that the metals we came across when removing excess waste in the office such as copper wire, thin steel beams, aluminum lighting material and just some other scrap metals all held a scrap metal value. This turned out to be quite a considerable amount of money when valuated. We are yet to sell the metals as we haven’t been able to secure a finite deal on a price with the scrap yard for each of the metals or had enough time to visit the scrap yard with them either. We’ve just had rough quotes of potential prices per kilo, if things go well hopefully the costs will pay for all the new equipment we’ve had in the office.

We’re writing this article really just to portray the potential profits for you to scrap your scrap metals; you really can make a lot of money by doing this. If you happen to have any scrap metals lying around either at home or at your work place try to take them to your local scrap yard to try and get the best price you can for them. You’ll have to look around for the best price you can find but if you scavenge for information over the internet you should be able to find an average price guide for the scrap metal you’re looking to sell. There tends to be a lot of information regarding the price, however the information tends to be very sparse and difficult to find, we only know how much it is because of one of our employees.

We can’t give a very good price guide for you readers unless you are from the UK as the price per kilo will vary drastically based on what country you are in. In some countries the prices may be double or even triple what they could be in the UK and in some cases maybe half the price or less. But definitely if you can find any scrap metals in your household or from anyone near you, you may be in for a treat and a great payday if you can scrap the metal yourself! Well we here at the Hallett review hope you find yourselves in a position to make yourself some money and hope we’ve been of some assistance!