The Success and Continuation of The Hallett Review

The Hallett Review has been a complete success and we can thankfully say that we have accomplished the completion of the case of John Downey. We have recently received a letter of assurance from the Northern Ireland Office that has suggested that he is no longer of interest to the police anywhere within the United Kingdom and that he was in face wanted for questioning in relation to the 1982 Hyde Park bombings. The trial judge after examining the evidence and statements of the administrative scheme in particular to the case related to Mr Downey, and has now rules that it would be an absurd ruling to file the case forward and to process through the courts and to continue this case and prosecution.

Hyde Park Bombings

Having finished the case we can now conclude that the Hallett Review will be being placed in an office within the United Kingdom as a team of agents whom will be dealing with the questioning and receiving of statements toward cases and prospect cases throughout the United Kingdom. We plan to implement the Hallett Reviewing System into all future important cases which require any similar form of investigation. This will include any cases that have a high profile or a potential for requirements of any people who were stood by or may have witnessed or heard any useful information.


We are also going to be focusing the Hallett Review Team (HRT) on the good practice and effectiveness for cases of child abuse. To do this we will make it a protocol to follow between the crown prosecution service police and the local authorities in the exchange of information within the investigation and prosecution of the specified child abuse cases. We will only deal in high priority or high authority cases such as ones recently passed such as the cases within the BBC such as Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris. Hopefully in the future we can aim to prevent such cases from appearing in the United Kingdom courts but we hope to prevent the possibility for these cases to be possible to any hosts or high authority presenters or people.


In the future we will call on the people who may be relevant in any case that requires our services, however it is not essential for you to co-operate with us, it will help the cases we work on to achieve a final result from our judge and jury. So in essence you will be a key factor in prosecuting, convicting or clearing somebodies name. Therefore you can know that you have helped our case in some way shape or form. Hopefully that in itself is a reason enough for you to want to help our cause. Additionally, background checks are going to be essential in this line of work, just because we need to clarify the information we receive unfortunately, as we cannot take somebody just by their word, we need to confirm that the information is likely either legitimate or illegitimate.