Jailbreaking our PS4!

Ever since getting the PlayStation 4 in the office, many people in the office have been wondering how we would afford all of the games for the PS4. I’ve been telling them we would have to buy them one at a time as the funds allow us to, or they would need to buy or bring them in themselves. However, one our members of staff have come across a website called http://www.jail-breaks.com.

Jailbreak PS4

On this Jail-Breaks website, it instructed us that if we jail break our console – which is a relatively simple task and easy process, then we would be able to gain access to any of the most recent games, DVDs, Blu-Rays for free! You can do this through simply downloading them to your computer and then transferring the files over to the console with a USB stick, file transfer or upload, or an external hard drive – Additionally, there is a method where you can download them directly to your PlayStation 4 but for some reason that method was not highly recommended.


Now, some people ask why you would want to jail break the PS4. Really it comes down to the simple fact that it is just so much more cost effective than to buy the games, series, films, DVDs and Blu-Rays out right. It really is that simple, the fact of the matter is, you will be paying roughly £10 to £20 per film and anything up to £50 per game if you were to pay for them online or on the high street. Why would you do that when you can just download the game for free, transfer it to your console and then install it before playing it. Additionally, there is a lot of resources available online that help instruct you with the installation of the games, however we feel the best of those websites was the one we found. It was so descriptive, used images and annotations, and even provided the entire required download links based on what version of the console you had!


The website itself just made it sound so effortless and after finishing the jailbreak we realized that it really was! I had it completed from start to finish within 45 minutes, and I’m not even a technical person! Since completing the jail break, I have been recommending it to all of my friends outside of the office; I couldn’t explain how much better it has made my experience with the console! Right now I have over 30 games downloaded, 13 films, 4 whole series and the ability to get more if i wish! Honestly, if you haven’t invested your time into jail breaking your PlayStation 4, I would definitely recommend doing so now!


I’d head right over to the jail-breaks.com website as soon as possible if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to buying your games, films and series out right. Hey, even if you just do it for those reasons, you’ll be able to save for the new virtual reality gear for the PS4 and then use it on all the available games! If you have any questions or queries about how we went about setting up our PS4 jail break then comment below or email the office and I’ll try get back to you! I’m more than happy to help out!


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