The Independent Hallett Review


Here at Hallett review we are an independent reviewing board taking the administrative scheme for ‘On the Runs’ into account. The Hallett review terms of reference were identified in the case of John Downey, the prime minister announced on the 27th February that an independent judge would produce a full public account of the administrative scheme.

The Independent Hallett Review
These terms of reference were:

  • To produce a full public account of the operation and extent of the administrative scheme
  • To determine whether any letters sent through scheme contained errors
  • To make recommendations as necessary on this or related matters that are drawn to the attention of the inquiry

Following this announcement and consultation with the lord chief justice and the new secretary of state in Northern Ireland, the independent Hallett review was to be conducted with the help of the secretary of state and the Rt Hon Lady Justice Hallett.


The review itself will produce a full public account of the operations and extents which the administrative scheme On the Runs. This will therefore determine whether any letters sent through the scheme contained any errors within it, and will then make recommendations as necessary on this related matter.


Here at the Hallett review, we have full access to government papers about the operation of the scheme and will interview key individuals including political figures, civil servants, police and any other relevant individuals whom are willing to assist.


Some people ask whether the Hallett Review is a statutory inquiry, the answer to that is no. The review itself does not come under any of the inquiries act of 2005. This means that the review itself is not able to compel any witnesses and will not conduct public hearings. However the Hallett Review will try and seek to establish the facts in an open and rigorous way.


The prime minister announced on the 27th of February that he would appoint an independent judge to produce a full public account of the operation of the OTR administrative scheme. This followed the collapse of the trial of john downey. Who received a letter of assurance from the Northern Ireland Office suggesting he was not of interest to the police anywhere in the United Kingdom. From this occurrence the trial judge examined what the effects of the administrative scheme were and in particular because it was related to John Downey which then ruled that it would be an abuse of the process of the court for them to continue the prosecution.


Some people have asked what the Review costs and who is paying for it, to which we reply that we are funded and sponsored by the Northern Ireland Office and that the budget has been set at £490,000 where after we shall publish all of our expenditure. If you wish to submit information about the review then we encourage you to send assist by forwarding and contacting the review to provide your information.


The review itself is estimated to have concluded by August 2017 but we are currently unsure about its resolution.

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