Scrap Metal Prices

So after my last post I’ve managed to get all of the scrap metal out of the office and have worked out where it’s possible to get the best scrap metal prices across the world. Admittedly I’ve only looked at America (USA), the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa too. There’s still an awful lot of research for me to do, but I think that I’ve got a load of different things to carry on researching – in all honesty I just didn’t realize how much money you can make with this stuff, there’s a ridiculous amount if you know where to go, how much to expect to receive and have a lot of the stuff. Scrap metal prices are fairly high for copper, aluminum, lead, steel, iron and a variety of other alloy based materials too. I think that once people realize how easy it is to make money this way then it will die off pretty quickly – but until then we can expect to keep making more and more.

Scrap Metal Prices

America has a ridiculous amount of places, scrap yards and scrap metal dealers that are willing to accept all forms of scrap. In almost every different city you’ll find a whole host of these places and scrap copper prices or scrap aluminum prices are always fairly decent here too. I think it’s definitely worth looking into if you’re keen on finding a new revenue stream to dip your toes into in your spare time. Diversifying where you get money from is ultimately the best way to make money quickly, if you just work a normal 9 to 5 job then you will only ever make a small amount of cash, however if you have a few extra bits coming in every single month then you will be well on your way to making serious cash. It’s important to constantly keep your eye on the scrap metal prices in your local area if you want to do this successfully, they are always changing and so it’s highly important to do this frequently to be honest with you.

The best way to find the most up to date prices is to check them out online, there is a variety of different services available to people and if you keep your eyes firmly peeled at all times then you will be in a good place. Aluminum, copper and steel are usually the highest valued materials that you can readily find in and around your home, but there are plenty of others too – it’s important to think out of the box in this regard as you can find scrap metal absolutely everywhere in your local environment.

Scrap Metal at Hallett Review Office

Having now moved into the new office and finally have got everything set up, we now have to deal with all of the mess, rubbish and scrap that we have left behind. Since setting the office up we have accumulated a large amount of scrap, including plaster, general waste, office materials and various types of metals including copper, aluminum, iron and steel. With the general waste we will just have to go to the tip and get rid of it all; however as for the metal, we have discovered that it is worth a fair amount of money.

Scrap Metal

One of our intellectual employees found that the metals we came across when removing excess waste in the office such as copper wire, thin steel beams, aluminum lighting material and just some other scrap metals all held a scrap metal value. This turned out to be quite a considerable amount of money when valuated. We are yet to sell the metals as we haven’t been able to secure a finite deal on a price with the scrap yard for each of the metals or had enough time to visit the scrap yard with them either. We’ve just had rough quotes of potential prices per kilo, if things go well hopefully the costs will pay for all the new equipment we’ve had in the office.

We’re writing this article really just to portray the potential profits for you to scrap your scrap metals; you really can make a lot of money by doing this. If you happen to have any scrap metals lying around either at home or at your work place try to take them to your local scrap yard to try and get the best price you can for them. You’ll have to look around for the best price you can find but if you scavenge for information over the internet you should be able to find an average price guide for the scrap metal you’re looking to sell. There tends to be a lot of information regarding the price, however the information tends to be very sparse and difficult to find, we only know how much it is because of one of our employees.

We can’t give a very good price guide for you readers unless you are from the UK as the price per kilo will vary drastically based on what country you are in. In some countries the prices may be double or even triple what they could be in the UK and in some cases maybe half the price or less. But definitely if you can find any scrap metals in your household or from anyone near you, you may be in for a treat and a great payday if you can scrap the metal yourself! Well we here at the Hallett review hope you find yourselves in a position to make yourself some money and hope we’ve been of some assistance!

Jailbreaking our PS4!

Ever since getting the PlayStation 4 in the office, many people in the office have been wondering how we would afford all of the games for the PS4. I’ve been telling them we would have to buy them one at a time as the funds allow us to, or they would need to buy or bring them in themselves. However, one our members of staff have come across a website called

Jailbreak PS4

On this Jail-Breaks website, it instructed us that if we jail break our console – which is a relatively simple task and easy process, then we would be able to gain access to any of the most recent games, DVDs, Blu-Rays for free! You can do this through simply downloading them to your computer and then transferring the files over to the console with a USB stick, file transfer or upload, or an external hard drive – Additionally, there is a method where you can download them directly to your PlayStation 4 but for some reason that method was not highly recommended.


Now, some people ask why you would want to jail break the PS4. Really it comes down to the simple fact that it is just so much more cost effective than to buy the games, series, films, DVDs and Blu-Rays out right. It really is that simple, the fact of the matter is, you will be paying roughly £10 to £20 per film and anything up to £50 per game if you were to pay for them online or on the high street. Why would you do that when you can just download the game for free, transfer it to your console and then install it before playing it. Additionally, there is a lot of resources available online that help instruct you with the installation of the games, however we feel the best of those websites was the one we found. It was so descriptive, used images and annotations, and even provided the entire required download links based on what version of the console you had!


The website itself just made it sound so effortless and after finishing the jailbreak we realized that it really was! I had it completed from start to finish within 45 minutes, and I’m not even a technical person! Since completing the jail break, I have been recommending it to all of my friends outside of the office; I couldn’t explain how much better it has made my experience with the console! Right now I have over 30 games downloaded, 13 films, 4 whole series and the ability to get more if i wish! Honestly, if you haven’t invested your time into jail breaking your PlayStation 4, I would definitely recommend doing so now!


I’d head right over to the website as soon as possible if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to buying your games, films and series out right. Hey, even if you just do it for those reasons, you’ll be able to save for the new virtual reality gear for the PS4 and then use it on all the available games! If you have any questions or queries about how we went about setting up our PS4 jail break then comment below or email the office and I’ll try get back to you! I’m more than happy to help out!


The Success and Continuation of The Hallett Review

The Hallett Review has been a complete success and we can thankfully say that we have accomplished the completion of the case of John Downey. We have recently received a letter of assurance from the Northern Ireland Office that has suggested that he is no longer of interest to the police anywhere within the United Kingdom and that he was in face wanted for questioning in relation to the 1982 Hyde Park bombings. The trial judge after examining the evidence and statements of the administrative scheme in particular to the case related to Mr Downey, and has now rules that it would be an absurd ruling to file the case forward and to process through the courts and to continue this case and prosecution.

Hyde Park Bombings

Having finished the case we can now conclude that the Hallett Review will be being placed in an office within the United Kingdom as a team of agents whom will be dealing with the questioning and receiving of statements toward cases and prospect cases throughout the United Kingdom. We plan to implement the Hallett Reviewing System into all future important cases which require any similar form of investigation. This will include any cases that have a high profile or a potential for requirements of any people who were stood by or may have witnessed or heard any useful information.


We are also going to be focusing the Hallett Review Team (HRT) on the good practice and effectiveness for cases of child abuse. To do this we will make it a protocol to follow between the crown prosecution service police and the local authorities in the exchange of information within the investigation and prosecution of the specified child abuse cases. We will only deal in high priority or high authority cases such as ones recently passed such as the cases within the BBC such as Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris. Hopefully in the future we can aim to prevent such cases from appearing in the United Kingdom courts but we hope to prevent the possibility for these cases to be possible to any hosts or high authority presenters or people.


In the future we will call on the people who may be relevant in any case that requires our services, however it is not essential for you to co-operate with us, it will help the cases we work on to achieve a final result from our judge and jury. So in essence you will be a key factor in prosecuting, convicting or clearing somebodies name. Therefore you can know that you have helped our case in some way shape or form. Hopefully that in itself is a reason enough for you to want to help our cause. Additionally, background checks are going to be essential in this line of work, just because we need to clarify the information we receive unfortunately, as we cannot take somebody just by their word, we need to confirm that the information is likely either legitimate or illegitimate.

More Information Regarding the Hallett Review

Since we have made our first article we have found that the ruling in R v John Downey which triggered this Review, and disclosure to the public of the details of an administrative scheme to deal with ‘on the runs’, had a distressing impact on bereaved families and survivors of terrorist attacks across the United Kingdom. They deserve as many answers as one can give to their questions about the scheme as soon as possible.


I am unhappy to report that there has been a great deal of misunderstandings about the review which has caused people to misinterpret and misreport regarding the scheme. This paired with some which may have unwittingly added to their distress. I urge everyone who has read this review to carefully consider what they have wrote before commenting on it and please choose to potentially reword their responses when they do eventually reply because you need to be conscious of the potential victims whom are affected by this issue.


Both me and my team of associates have examined thousands of documents and written reports beforehand and have worked hard to guarantee that we have conducted a thorough investigation on this review in the time which we had available to do so. Therefore, I am firstly massively thankful to my team for all their efforts. If we have failed to answer any of your questions or queries within my remits or did not reply to enough of your satisfaction, it is not that I haven’t tried to do so but instead just the overwhelming amount of workload and I hope that what we have been able to establish will assist not only Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee but also the team we have built in the UK for future cases of similar nature.

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee

For all those who have made themselves available for interview or comments at whatever notice of our convenience, I am so very indebted to you all. Those who took the trouble to write to me or our office or offered to meet any of the members of our team and to those who provided any available assistance to the review, I am also extremely grateful!


Because of all of these efforts we have been able to reach the preliminary findings before finishing the case and trial. This has been an essential point given the sensitivity of the case and the review itself. I also had to allow time for security checks and further representations from those particularly affected by these findings. However, despite the slight delay in finalizing this report, I am now pleased to be able to set out my findings in full and hopefully before any court and jury. With all of our findings and your help hopefully we can bring the case to a final resolution.

The Independent Hallett Review


Here at Hallett review we are an independent reviewing board taking the administrative scheme for ‘On the Runs’ into account. The Hallett review terms of reference were identified in the case of John Downey, the prime minister announced on the 27th February that an independent judge would produce a full public account of the administrative scheme.

The Independent Hallett Review
These terms of reference were:

  • To produce a full public account of the operation and extent of the administrative scheme
  • To determine whether any letters sent through scheme contained errors
  • To make recommendations as necessary on this or related matters that are drawn to the attention of the inquiry

Following this announcement and consultation with the lord chief justice and the new secretary of state in Northern Ireland, the independent Hallett review was to be conducted with the help of the secretary of state and the Rt Hon Lady Justice Hallett.


The review itself will produce a full public account of the operations and extents which the administrative scheme On the Runs. This will therefore determine whether any letters sent through the scheme contained any errors within it, and will then make recommendations as necessary on this related matter.


Here at the Hallett review, we have full access to government papers about the operation of the scheme and will interview key individuals including political figures, civil servants, police and any other relevant individuals whom are willing to assist.


Some people ask whether the Hallett Review is a statutory inquiry, the answer to that is no. The review itself does not come under any of the inquiries act of 2005. This means that the review itself is not able to compel any witnesses and will not conduct public hearings. However the Hallett Review will try and seek to establish the facts in an open and rigorous way.


The prime minister announced on the 27th of February that he would appoint an independent judge to produce a full public account of the operation of the OTR administrative scheme. This followed the collapse of the trial of john downey. Who received a letter of assurance from the Northern Ireland Office suggesting he was not of interest to the police anywhere in the United Kingdom. From this occurrence the trial judge examined what the effects of the administrative scheme were and in particular because it was related to John Downey which then ruled that it would be an abuse of the process of the court for them to continue the prosecution.


Some people have asked what the Review costs and who is paying for it, to which we reply that we are funded and sponsored by the Northern Ireland Office and that the budget has been set at £490,000 where after we shall publish all of our expenditure. If you wish to submit information about the review then we encourage you to send assist by forwarding and contacting the review to provide your information.


The review itself is estimated to have concluded by August 2017 but we are currently unsure about its resolution.